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Yesterday I wrote a post that linked to Sarah Kendzior’s recent online article “The Closing of American Academia.” In that article, Kendzior lays out the rather unsettling realities of academic jobs in the humanities.

Today she follows up with a post, “The Conversation Continues,” that outlines the various conversations that have spun off of her article, including mine. She also provides a link to the daily online publication Inside Higher Ed, which has a comprehensive report on the working conditions of adjunct faculty (which, as you recall, makes up about 2/3 of all college and university faculty).

Don’t expect a pick-me-up from this report. It functions more as a “how to be depressed” manual for those on the job market.

The links Kendzior provides are good resources looking further in to this very big problem. You also might want to look at an earlier post by Kendzior, that followed immediately form her article.

Budding and seasoned academics alike owe it to themselves to be on the cutting edge of this discussion.

For my own take on how aspiring Christian academics can look at all this, see here.



Pete Enns, Ph.D.

Peter Enns (Ph.D., Harvard University) is Abram S. Clemens professor of biblical studies at Eastern University in St. Davids, Pennsylvania. He has written numerous books, including The Bible Tells Me So, The Sin of Certainty, and How the Bible Actually Works. Tweets at @peteenns.