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As you’ve probably heard, we’re moving to our bi-weekly podcast schedule for the summer. Just in case you’ll miss us, here are the super-scientific, very official results for our top ten episodes of all time. These were compiled from community responses on a recent Facebook poll and along with total downloads. With no further adieu, we present to you your top ten B4NP episodes.

Might we add, you have great taste.

The (Biblical) Universal Christ with Richard Rohr

1. Episode 90: Richard Rohr – The (Biblical) Universal Christ

Pete and Jared talk with Richard Rohr about the (biblical) universal Christ and how this concept of Christ can expand our understanding of ourselves, the world, and God.

Rob Bell asks "What is the Bible?"

2. Episode 50: Rob Bell – What is the Bible?

Jared & Pete talk with Rob Bell about his book, “What is the Bible” and his own evolution in his thinking about the Bible.

Unraveling and Re-raveling with Rachel Held Evans

3. Episode 55: Rachel Held Evans – Unraveling and Re-Raveling the Bible

Jared and Pete talk to Rachel Held Evans on wrestling with doubt, how women are portrayed in the Bible and loving the scriptures even through personal doubt and deconstruction.

Grounding God in Evolution Podcast Image

4. Episode 134: Ilia Delio – Grounding God in Evolution

Pete and Jared discuss the intersection of faith and science with scientist and theologian Ilia Delio. They get into why these two subjects have historically been at odds and why it holds us back to continue believing they actually are.

Pete Ruins Exodus (part 1)

5. Episode 78: Pete Ruins Exodus

There’s a lot more going on in the book of Exodus than what you’ve seen on the big screen or heard in church. More than a story of deliverance, Exodus is a subtle literary creation that contains many surprises when we read it closely. Join Pete here for Part 1 of this series where he looks at some big picture issues (like “did it happen?”) before walking us through the themes of chapters 1 and 2.

The Bible and Orthodox Faith with Brad Jersak

6. Episode 71: Brad Jersak – The Bible and Orthodox Faith

Jared & Pete talk to Brad Jersak about how Orthodoxy views the Bible, and some other things, and how those differ from Evangelicalism.

where did the israelites come from? with Kent Sparks

7. Episode 8: Kent Sparks – Where Did the Israelites Come From?

Pete & Jared discuss the mystery of Israel’s origins with Kent Sparks, Professor of Biblical Studies and Provost at Eastern University. The exodus and conquest of Canaan (Exodus through Joshua) are central to Israel’s identity, and are certainly informed by old traditions and authentic historical memory—but they not historical accounts in the modern sense.

the art of translating the bible with robert alter

8. Episode 87: Robert Alter – The Art of Translating the Bible

Robert Alter, Ph.D. has spent most of his life committed to studying the Bible and the last two decades creating an entirely new translation of the Old Testament. Pete and Jared talk about some of the insights he has gained from seeing the Bible as a literary masterpiece.

The Bible and Intersex Believers Podcast Episode

9. Episode 19: Megan DeFranza – The Bible and Intersex Believers

Pete and Jared talk with theologian Megan DeFranza (actually, Megan educates Pete and Jared) on a topic that affects deeply the lives of many, but that few Christians even know is a topic. And Megan might surprise you about what the Bible and church history have to say about it.

Challenging assumptions about the Bible podcast episode

10. Episode 137: James Kugel – Challenging Our Assumptions About the Bible

Ancient interpreters made all sort of assumptions about the Bible much like we do today. What do their assumptions tell us about how to interpret the Bible today? James Kugel breaks down the function of the Bible throughout history and how it has changed from antiquity to today.