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Today is the official release of Genesis for Normal People: A Guide to the Most Controversial, Misunderstood, and Abused Book of the Bible. It will be available for $1.99 for a limited time, at which point it will go for it’s regular price, $4.99.

Either way, quite a bargin, which brings me to my main point.

As I post this at 7:00 on Monday morning, I can see that, amazingly, many of you have  still not downloaded this book, even though is has been available now for 7 hours.

I’m not sure what you’re waiting for (perhaps daylight?). The price isn’t going to drop and I know you can afford it because you are reading this on a thousand dollar computer.

So, for the cost of

a tall Starbucks coffee,

Red Sox box seat tickets (given their collapse this weekend),

or ten miles worth of gas,

you can purchase a book that will answer any and every question you have ever had about Genesis (provided your questions line up with the answers we give).

Note: Since many of you are asking about it, if you don’t have a Kindle device, you can read this book by downloading for FREE a Kindle reader for your computer or iPad.

Pete Enns, Ph.D.

Peter Enns (Ph.D., Harvard University) is Abram S. Clemens professor of biblical studies at Eastern University in St. Davids, Pennsylvania. He has written numerous books, including The Bible Tells Me So, The Sin of Certainty, and How the Bible Actually Works. Tweets at @peteenns.