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TSOCToday is the official release of The Sin of Certainty. A few bloggers have already posted reviews, and so far I am humbled and gratified by the responses. Here’s one by Dan Wilkinson at Unfundamentalist Christians, another by The Imperfect Pastor, and one more Faith Meets World.

And, in the Providence of God, as my Calvinist friends would put it, the Yankees were rained out yesterday and they open their season today.

The same day as my book release.

As if it were all planned that way.

And still some do not believe. Why do you mock God?

Anyway, many of you have supported me over the last few months in the final writing and editing stages, giving me feedback on everything from book covers and book titles to chapter content. My sincere thanks to all of you.

Everything I write comes from deep down somewhere, but this one is a bit different. More vulnerable. I hope this book tells something of your story, too.

Pete Enns, Ph.D.

Peter Enns (Ph.D., Harvard University) is Abram S. Clemens professor of biblical studies at Eastern University in St. Davids, Pennsylvania. He has written numerous books, including The Bible Tells Me So, The Sin of Certainty, and How the Bible Actually Works. Tweets at @peteenns.