The S Word


What Sin Is & How It Has Infiltrated Our Systems. Facilitated by Dr. Matthew Croasmun.

The recording of this live session will be available as quickly as possible following the class.



What do naked mole rats,  the Millenium Bridge, & systemic injustice have in common? Why, in his letter to the Romans, does Paul emphasize sin as more of a person at work rather than individual shortcomings? What is Paul attempting to communicate about sin? In this one-night class, Dr. Matthew Croasmun will explore Paul’s uses of “Sin” language in Romans 5-8 and how we might see the effects of sin at play in our world today.

Topics We’ll Cover:

  • Paul’s use of “sin” language, especially in Romans 5-8
  • How sin emerges from complex systems of human sinning
  • How persons emerge from complex systems generally
  • Systemic racism as a modern incarnation of the “Body of Sin” 
  • Why personal discipleship, social action, and deliverance ministry may all be reasonable Christian responses to sin

This Class Includes:

One-night live class
Live Q&A session
Link to class recording
Downloadable class slides