The S Word

What Sin Is & How It Has Infiltrated Our Systems. Facilitated by Dr. Matthew Croasmun.

The recording of this live session will be available as quickly as possible following the class.

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What do naked mole rats,  the Millenium Bridge, & systemic injustice have in common? Why, in his letter to the Romans, does Paul emphasize sin as more of a person at work rather than individual shortcomings? What is Paul attempting to communicate about sin? In this one-night class, Dr. Matthew Croasmun will explore Paul’s uses of “Sin” language in Romans 5-8 and how we might see the effects of sin at play in our world today.

Topics We’ll Cover:

  • Paul’s use of “sin” language, especially in Romans 5-8
  • How sin emerges from complex systems of human sinning
  • How persons emerge from complex systems generally
  • Systemic racism as a modern incarnation of the “Body of Sin” 
  • Why personal discipleship, social action, and deliverance ministry may all be reasonable Christian responses to sin

This Class Includes:

One-night live class
Live Q&A session
Link to class recording
Downloadable class slides