The Importance of Womanist Biblical Interpretation


Giving Birth in the Face of Annihilation. Facilitated by Dr. Angela Parker.

The recording of this live session will be available as quickly as possible following the class.



Conversations surrounding Biblical interpretation have been ongoing since the conception of the Hebrew and Christian Bible. Throughout history, different frameworks and strategies have been birthed out of response to human experiences. In the late 19th century, the voices of black female scholars, Katie Cannon, Renita Weems, Delores S. Williams, Kelly Brown Douglas, Jacquelyn Grant & more, emerged in Christian theological discourse. In this class, Rev. Dr. Angela N. Parker will cover the foundations, the fundamentals & the futures of Womanist biblical interpretation.

Topics We’ll Cover:

  • Womanist Foundations: Where it all started 
  • The Fundamentals of Womanist Readings
  • The Significance of Apocalyptic Literature in Womanist Thought 
  • The Future of Womanist Interpretation in Biblical Scholarship

This Class Includes:

  • One-night live class 
  • Live Q&A session 
  • Link to class recording
  • Downloadable class slides