Restoring All Things: Biblical Roots of Christian Universalism

Restoring All Things: Biblical Roots of Christian Universalism. Bradley Jersak teaches on the theology of “ultimate redemption” keeping in mind the biblical text and ancient context while remaining accessible to everyday people.

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Jesus once said, “If I am lifted up [onto the Cross], I will draw ALL people to myself.” Paul wrote, “As in Adam ALL died, so in Christ, ALL will be made alive.” Peter preached “the restoration of ALL things [including people].” Jesus said, “Behold, I am making ALL things new.” What if that’s true? What if trusting that is faithfulness? But then what about sin, what about faith, what about judgment, what about HELL? Whatever that means.

Bradley will share his discoveries and convictions about “ultimate redemption” in ways that are honest to the biblical text and context, nuanced, and accessible to lay people.

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Topics We’ll Cover:

  • What is ultimate redemption or ‘biblical universalism’? Is it truly biblical? What are the foundational texts? How shall we read them?
  • What are the key terms, symbols and descriptions associated with ‘eternal condemnation?’ Do ‘final judgment’ and ‘hell’ texts trump the promise of universal salvation? Are there other ways of reading them that aren’t just ‘easy outs’?
  • Are there ways that the early Christian teachers modeled reading Scripture faithfully so that we harmonize both the dire judgment texts and universal hope passages rather than negating one set or another?
  • So what? How do warnings of divine judgment backfire? How do assurances of universal salvation backfire? How does ignoring either backfire? What are some better, healthier ways of talking about this stuff?

This Class Includes:

  • One-night live class
  • Live Q&A session
  • Link to class recording
  • Downloadable class slides

Your Instructor:

Bradley Jersak (Ph.D. Theology) is the principal of St. Stephen’s University (New Brunswick), a graduate school of Theology, Peace & Reconciliation. He has authored over 20 books, including his More Christlike God/Way/Word trilogy and his work on the hope of ultimate redemption (Pete’s favorite), Her Gates Will Never Be Shut: Hope, Hell & the New Jerusalem.

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