Life After Doom


What do we do when it seems like the world is falling apart? Facilitated by Brian McLaren.

The recording of this live session will be available as quickly as possible following the class.



More and more of us look at our global ecological crisis, our pervasive political division, our intensifying economic inequality, and our deep-seated racial and religious bigotry… and we feel hope draining away. Brian McLaren is grappling with this growing cloud of doom descending on millions of us… seeking to bring “wisdom and courage to a world falling apart.” He invites us to explore motivations deeper than hope and explore practices of realistic resilience in this short course for the B4NP community.

Topics We’ll Cover:

  • How to understand the deepest roots of our multi-crisis.
  • Facing the limitations of hope and seeking motivation beyond optimism.
  • Exploring “the adaptive cycle” as a framework for resilience.
  • Disentangling our future from the assumptions of our current civilization.
  • Rediscovering a vein of wisdom in the biblical tradition.
  • Learning to live with knowing and unknowing.

This Class Includes:

  • One-night live class 
  • Live Q&A session 
  • Link to class recording
  • Downloadable class slides