Is God All-Knowing?


Processing Divine omniscience in light of all the things God doesn’t know in Genesis 1-11. Facilitated by Aaron Higashi.

The recording of this live session will be available as quickly as possible following the class.



What Does God Know?

Omniscience is one of God’s most iconic attributes and an attribute many Jewish people, Christians, and Muslims believe in. Yet when we look at several of the stories in the opening chapters of Genesis, God does not appear to be omniscient! God appears to make simple mistakes, needs to change plans, is unable to foresee easily predictable situations, and regrets choices after making them. What are people in general, and people of faith in particular, supposed to do with biblical stories like these? The answer to that question will affect not only our beliefs about God’s knowledge, but about every single thing we believe about God.

Topics We’ll Cover:

  • How God’s knowledge is portrayed in Genesis 1-11
  • What omniscience means
  • Why believe God is omniscient even if the Bible doesn’t

This Class Includes:

  • One-night live class 
  • Live Q&A session 
  • Link to class recording
  • Downloadable class slides