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Swing-and-MissStriving to be “enough” and perfectionism rather than resting in God are an epidemic in western Christianity. Baseball (yeah, you heard me) can teach us something about life—including the life of faith.

Baseball teaches us, or has taught most of us, how to deal with failure. We learn at a very early age that failure is the norm in baseball, and, precisely because we have failed, we hold in high regard those who fail less often—those who hit safely in one out of three chances and become star players. I also find it fascinating that baseball, alone in sport, considers errors to be part of the game, part of its rigorous truth.

Fay Vincent, former Commissioner of Major League Baseball
Quoted in Chuck DeGroat,
Wholeheartedness: Busyness, Exhaustion, and Healing the Divided Self, p. 33

[Chuck’s book is wonderful. I highly recommend it. I hope to blog some highlights over the next couple of weeks.]

Pete Enns, Ph.D.

Peter Enns (Ph.D., Harvard University) is Abram S. Clemens professor of biblical studies at Eastern University in St. Davids, Pennsylvania. He has written numerous books, including The Bible Tells Me So, The Sin of Certainty, and How the Bible Actually Works. Tweets at @peteenns.