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The Bible is Not a Sex Book

A one-night class surveying the Bible’s diverse and sometimes questionable sexual ethics and where we go from here.

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Have you ever heard the term “biblical sex ethic” and thought to yourself, “Wait, what does the Bible say about sex?” Does the Bible talk about dating? Does the Bible outline rules for sex inside and outside marriage? Is polygamy a thing in the Bible? What about parts of the Bible that seem to celebrate harmful sexual ethics? This class will survey the Bible’s diverse sexual ethics and ask the question, Where do we go from here?

Topics We'll Cover:

Why sex in the Bible is not always coherent and not always ethical
What intercourse means in the Bible
What was considered sanctioned sex and unsanctioned sex in the Bible
How sexual standards were different for men, women and foreign women
Sexual ethics in the OT and NT
Possible ways forward to talk about sex

This Class Includes:

One-night live class
Live Q&A session
Link to class recording
Downloadable class slides

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Dr. Anna Sieges-Beal
Dr. Anna Sieges-Beal discovered her love of the Bible at a young age. Raised on the mission field in Papua New Guinea, Dr. Sieges’ parents instilled in her a deep love and respect for the scriptures as they worked with mission groups and indigenous peoples to translate the Bible into unwritten languages.
Dr. Sieges is a professor at Gardner-Webb University. She is passionate about helping students dive into the richness and intricacies of the scriptures.