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Is the Bible true? What does the Bible say about truth?

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We have so much information being thrown at us every single day. Trying to decide between “Fake News” and reliable news, what’s true and what’s not, it can get overwhelming.

This is true when it comes to the Bible as well. What about evolution? What about some of the rules we find in the Bible? As a Christian, this had led to one of the most important questions I’ve ever asked: Is the Bible true?

I have been asking this question, as a professor and a pastor, for over a decade, and it has shaped me in some significant ways. The further we go down the path of asking that question and learn about what the Bible is and what truth is, the more surprised I’ve been at the conclusions I’ve come to.


What the Bible has to say (or doesn’t say) about Absolute Truth
The important differences between facts, meaning, and wisdom
Why even the Bible itself thinks reading the Bible “literally” is a bad idea
What the Bible is and what we should do with it
Why the Bible seems more interested in us living truthfully

If you’ve ever wondered how the truth of the Bible squares with what we know about science and history, then let’s get started.


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Who is this program for?

Jesus followers, seekers, and the ravenously curious. If the thought of looking at the Bible, God, and faith from fresh and challenging angles excites you, this is the course for you.

No travel required.

The entire Jesus and the Old Testament course is online and accessible anywhere. Meaning, all sessions are virtual you’ll get access to downloadable files digitally.

About Jared Byas

Choctaw | former Professor of Philosophy | Advisor | Author | Co-host of The Bible for Normal People

Jared’s passion is to explore new ways of being Christian and help people translate all of life’s big questions into a life full of meaning and connection. He likes to take super smart people and ask them, “You’re smart. Great. And how does what you’re saying help us love each other better right here and right now?”

This kind of questioning has led him to some wonderful places where he’s been able to meet and work with wonderful people. He has been a pastor, professor, Sunday school teacher, podcast host, author, speaker, and leader of several organizations.

But don’t let all those things fool you. The most consistent role he has played and where he spends most of his time is being husband and Dad. He and his wife Sarah have been married since 2004 and they have 4.5 wonderful kids: Augustine, Tov, Elletheia, Exodus, and their dog Zula Rose.