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About Jared Byas

Hey. My name is Jared, which you probably already knew to get to this page. I’m a curious person whose favorite phrases are “Ok. But why?” and “Is there another way?” My mom and teachers loved that about me as a kid. At least that’s what I think it means when people roll their eyes at you.

As a former pastor and professor of both philosophy and biblical studies, my passion is to explore new ways of being Christian and help people translate all of life’s big questions into a life full of meaning and connection. I like talking to super smart people and getting them to translate their brilliant ideas into ways we can better love each other right here and right now.

In addition to running The Bible For Normal People I am also a Family Business Advisor where I get to apply heady ideas and topics into real life. In addition to parenting Pete, I have four kids of my own: Augustine, Tov, Elletheia, and Exodus. While I’m so grateful for all the conversations I’ve been able to have with scholars and writers over the years, those four are still my favorites. We live north of Philadelphia with our little Pug-Jack Russell mix (Jug), Zula Rose.

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